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Kenneth Bailey

Teacher and Tutor

My name is Kenneth Bailey, a N.Y.S. Certified Elementary Teacher, who has been teaching for 6 years. I started out as a classroom teacher and then became a Specials Area teacher that works with students in grades K-5. My educational background includes both a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education with a social studies concentration and a Master’s Degree in Childhood Education with a S.T.E.M. concentration. For the past four years, I have been an elementary S.T.E.M. educator both in a public and charter school setting. Teaching S.T.E.M. brings me a lot of joy and I continuously see the endless possibilities it will have on our school-aged children.
I want to create more excitement and awareness for S.T.E.M. that will ultimately make it the content area that all children want to be a part of. I am dedicated to giving you the very best information, practices, and ideas centered on Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) education.

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