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Welcome to Bailey's STEM Discoveries L.L.C.

Bailey's STEM Discoveries L.L.C. provides private, in-person STEM instruction for elementary students and Math tutoring for students in grades K-12.

Located in Central Islip, N.Y. 

Proudly Serving Students on Long Island since 2022.

Vision Statement

“To inspire and empower our diverse youth through STEM education that will help shape and create an innovative world.”

What is Bailey's STEM Discoveries?

Company Mission


Bailey’s STEM Discoveries L.L.C. is a tutoring company that offers remediation in mathematics and offering classes in Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) to cultivate a new generation of innovators and thinkers.

The company’s focus includes:

  • Diverse expertise in STEM and integration of STEM skills into core academic subjects to educate and enhance K-6 education.

  • Support students and parents with the tools and information to understand the skills and knowledge acquisition from in-person STEM instruction.

  • Infusion of real-world practicalities to connect and further enhance STEM instruction.

  • Remediation in key math content areas (elementary math, basic math, algebra, and geometry) for students in grades K-12.

Customer Testimonies

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Sandy Williams

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